Thank you for asking.

We strive to maintain a fair price to give you the best value for your XBRL dollar. We are well aware that our "competition" charges two or three times our prices (and sometimes more). After 16 years of being a registered SEC Filing Agent and now approaching two years of XBRL filing we know what it really takes to complete an XBRL tagging project.

Last year (in 2011) we began preparing and filing live XBRL to meet the Detailed Footnote tagging requirements. Our goal was to determine how much effort is really required so that we can charge a fair price. We know that in 2011, XBRL service companies were charging far more than necessary. We fought against that and can safely say that a block tagging project never took us longer than a day to complete. How much can you charge for that?

That philosophy guides our detailed tagging pricing. Year two projects definitely take longer than a day, and our new price structure allows for that. Even so, we are able to keep our prices very competitive.

Please do your part, and get your documents to us early. We can then do our part and produce quality, compliant XBRL with detailed tagging on time at the right price.