New low prices for 2015 - no contract required!
(prices quoted herein are valid through May 31, 2015).

Our prices assume that you have at least one valid detailed tagging filing with the SEC. Please contact us to receive a custom price quote and commitment.

Here is our pricing guide for most companies using our XBRL prepaid service with 24-hour turnaround for a 10-Q:

Are you an active company with $70 Million sales. Our price is $770
Do you have a half a dozen shell companies and are looking for a discount package deal. Our price is $195
Typical $275
First time filing special for a typical company $375

XBRL is filed with the SEC only through its EDGAR system. We offer our XBRL services stand alone as well as a solution integrated with our EDGARizing service. Let us know if you want the best value for XBRL and EDGAR together.

Please visit our Services page to understand what our XBRL detailed tagging service includes.

Do you need to catch up on your XBRL summary block tagging from last year? Those prices are lower.

Prices used to depend heavily on how much time you give us. We measured that in hours until the due date. 72 hours costs less than 48 hours, etc. "Typical" pricing for the whole year including three 10-Q's and the 10-K used to run around $3,900. It could be as low as $2,900 for our "Early," 72 hour service.

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The prices above are based on a sampling of our actual client agreements. The numbers are based on the most recent 10-K. Look at your own 10-K to see what our price will be or just contact us for a price quote specifically for your company.